The New Employee Engagement Series is a four phase process designed to ensure newly hired employees are properly on-boarded into Minneapolis Public Schools. The phases offer unique insight into the district's commitment to success and the importance of offering a positive employee experience from Day One. As a leader, you play a major role in ensuring that your new employees are properly on-boarded and that you establish a relationship built on trust, opportunity for growth, and commitment to satisfying organizational goals and human needs.

If you have any questions about the content presented in this course, please contact the Talent Management Team.

When completing this series for the first time, it is recommended that you follow each of the phases consecutively to gain a greater understanding of each. Afterward, we encourage you to go back and review any phase(s) where you are looking for clarification.




PHASE 1: Pre-Employment Engagement

This phase is centered around pre-employment engagement. It is essential that this information be communicated with clarity and consistency to our new hires during their transition into MPS.

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PHASE 2: New Employee Orientation

This phase is extremely important to the overall success and retention of employees in our district. New Employee Orientation introduces them to the culture of MPS.

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PHASE 3: Interdepartmental On-Boarding

This phase known as “crossing over” is one of the most unique phases because it will take the new employee on a journey outside of their department and into other departments.

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PHASE 4: Performance Management Process

This phase covers the importance of the Performance Management process for new employees and will serve to establish goals and objectives related to the new employee’s role within the organization.

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