We know you know how important training is so the Design & Training team made it simple and created The Source. This tool will help you find the training you need, when you need it. Then you can get back to doing the cool, innovative stuff that you do every day.

Check out this quick 3-minute video to find out what The Source is all about. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Please continue to visit The Source as additional training is provided. We’re always adding to The Source through the contributions of staff. If you can’t find the training you’re looking for, feel free to submit a ticket with your request and we’ll prioritize requests based on alignment to the district priorities and current availability of resources.

In Fall 2017, the Design & Training team went out and asked staff from 48 sites, “What training needs do you have?” As a result of those site visits, we discovered that an overwhelming amount of staff wanted to learn more about how they can use technology in order to be more innovative and creative in their work.

Here are the results of the site visits: