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Google Classroom is the Minneapolis Public Schools’ district supported Learning Management System (LMS). Google Classroom streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration, and fosters seamless communication to make teaching more productive and meaningful.  Teachers can distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place.

If you run into technical issues with Google Classroom, please submit an eTicket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Do I need to take additional steps to get a Google Classroom account?

No, Google Classroom is included in G Suite for Education, just like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms. You can find Google Classroom listed with all your other Google Apps, or you can visit it directly at classroom.google.com.

+ Does the content in Google Classroom have to be Google Docs?

No, Google Classroom works with a variety of document formats, like PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint files. However, to truly leverage the collaborative power of Google, we recommend authoring in Google Docs and organizing your content in Google Drive.

+ Do my documents already need to be in Google Drive to use Google Classroom?

No, you can upload a file directly into Google Classroom as part of a post. Learn more about Google Classroom posts. A copy will be created in Google Drive/My Drive in a folder called “Classroom.”

+ How do I share materials with students in Google Classroom?

Teachers can attach materials—documents, links, images—to assignments. Students sign in to Google Classroom, see their upcoming work, and complete it online. Learn more here: how materials are shared in Google Classroom; or check out how to create assignments or questions.

+ Can I share my Google Classroom courses with another teacher?

Yes, you can invite other teachers to edit your Google Classroom courses. Teachers you add to your classes in Google Classroom can do everything you can, except delete the class.

+ Can I choose whether students can post/comment in my Google Classroom?

Yes, you can choose to give students access to post and comment, comment only, or only give teachers access to post or comment.