Promethean ActivPanel

The ActivPanels are interactive displays mounted on a free-standing, wheeled cart. The display does not need a separate projector which means no changing expensive bulbs or cleaning filters.

Learn More about the ActivPanel:

ActivPanel i-Series_2018_Fixed Height Mobile Stand_A.png

ActivPanel Hardware Overview Video

Getting Started with Your ActivPanel iSeries Handout

Using your panel without your Computer

The ActivPanels themselves are amazing but the real power behind the panel is the ActivConnect unit on the back. There are tons of things you can do with your ActivPanel via the ActivConnect device, without even connecting your computer.

There are two versions of the ActivConnect Device. Physically these devices look different but they operate almost exactly the same.

ActivConnect-G Device

ActivConnect-G (ACG)

OPS Device

ActivConnect OPS-G


ActivBoard with Projector

Don't have an activpanel?

If you have an interactive board that is mounted on the wall and has a projector, you have an ActivBoard. Check out Promethean Boards: Getting Started.

Even More Resources!

Promethean has a TON of great resources on their blog, Learn Promethean. Check it out!