Shoppers (formerly “Requisitioners”) in the WeBuy system need to first take the Procurement Overview course, then the Shopper course. Each course will cover online shopping concepts and MPS-specific processes. The courses also feature hands-on exercises where you'll practice until you feel comfortable using WeBuy.

You are required to complete the appropriate Shopper training before you will be granted system credentials that allow you to access the enhanced SAP/SRM system.

For more information about WeBuy, check out the Procurement Page on the Staff Intranet.

Training Opportunities


Course 1: Procurement Overview

Online Only

In this training, we will cover the purpose, concepts, and benefits associated with online shopping.


Course 2: Shopper Training

In-Person Only

In this training, we will cover how Shoppers access catalogs, use shopping carts, receive orders, and work with Approvers and Suppliers to enable the shopping process.

You MUST complete the Procurement Overview training (above) before attending the Shopper training.

Sign into eCompass to sign up for the in-person Shopper training. Click the “Sections” tab for dates and times.

Supplemental Resources

Need a refresher?

Procurement Matrix Overview Video

Create a Free Text Shopping Cart Video