Shopper Training

Shoppers (formerly “Requisitioners”) in the WeBuy system need to take two courses to gain access to the system:

  • Procurement Overview (Purpose, concepts and benefits of online shopping)

  • Shopper (How Shoppers access catalogs, use shopping carts, receive orders and work with Approvers and Suppliers to enable the shopping process)

Each course will cover online shopping concepts and MPS-specific processes. The courses also feature hands-on exercises where you'll practice until you feel comfortable using WeBuy.

Please Note: Completion of the appropriate Shopper training is required before you will be granted system credentials that allow you to access the enhanced SAP/SRM system.

WeBuy Training Opportunities for Shoppers

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Step 1: Procurement Overview

The Procurement Overview training is available online only.


  • Available Now

Step 2: Shopper Training

The Shopper training is available in-person only. Reminder: you MUST complete the Procurement Overview training (above) before attending the Shopper training.


  • Check eCompass for upcoming dates and times (sign in and click the “Sections” tab for more information)

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