By following these procedures, you will identify, assess, and place English Learners with the proper services they're entitled to under Federal law.

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EL Placement Flowchart

Steps for EL Identification

EL Entrance & Exit Criteria

WIDA or Other Screener

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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+ Can a student decline EL services?

Yes. Their parent or guardian (in collaboration with school staff) must submit a Waiver Request Form found in the Supplemental Resources section of this page to waive EL services. Waived students are still required to take ACCESS annually.

+ What are the EL statuses?

  • Y (Yes) = Student is eligible for and receiving EL services
  • E (Exited) = Student previously received EL services but is now proficient and no longer eligible for services
  • I (Ineligible) = Student has a home language other than English but was proficient on initial language screener and is ineligible for EL services
  • W (Waived) = Student is eligible for EL services, but parents have chosen to waive services. Waived students are still required to take ACCESS annually
  • D (Declined) = Parents declined initial language screener, so eligibility for EL services is unknown

+ What if a student is an English Learner and has disabilities?

These students are "Dual Eligible." School districts must provide students with disabilities both the language assistance and disability-related services which they are entitled to under Federal law.

+ What about Dual Eligible students who are non-verbal, or unable to be given the WIDA Screener/KWAPT for other reasons?

Even when a student isn’t able to be given the WIDA Screener/KWAPT, they still must be assessed for eligibility for EL services and given an accurate EL status. This assessment can be done by completing a Title III Dual Eligibility Determination with the parents/legal guardian. Please send completed forms to the Multilingual Department to enter the appropriate EL status in Discovery/CFS.

+ What if a student does have an EL status listed in Discovery/CFS, but it’s incorrect or needs to be updated?

For any statuses that are the result of an error and need to be corrected (such as if a student should have been exited the previous year but is mistakenly still listed as LEP), please contact For any regular status changes (such as if a student is listed as Waived but parents now agree to EL services), please fill out an EL Status Change Form, found in the Supplemental Resources section of this page, and email it to