The Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal is a web-based system where MPS employees can:

  • Record Working Time

  • Enroll and/or Update Benefit Information

  • Update Personal Information (Address, Phone Numbers, Tax Withholdings)

  • View Salary Statements

Click on the links below to view specific help tutorials

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Personal & Benefits Information

Add 403B Savings Plan
Update Address
Update 403B Savings Plan
Update Work Phone Number
View Benefits Participation Overview
View Time Statement (For Accurate Sick & Vacation Balances)
View/Edit W-4 [link opens new window] (For additional information, go to and search for the W-4 form)

Supplemental Resources:

Bank Information Change Form (PDF)

*Maintaining a 457B Plan is not currently allowed in ESS, you must contact the Vendor directly by phone or website to make adjustments

How Do I change my ESS Password?

  • At this time you are required to change your ESS password periodically.  You will receive a pop up dialog box encouraging you to change your password as you log into your computer when this is needed.  If you want to change your ESS password for any other reason, go to the eHelpdesk.  On the eHelpdesk webpage you can log in with your current User ID and Password and click Change My Password

  • This will change your District username and password (used for logging into your email, computer, staff intranet pages & more)

***Important infoRmation If you are a Time approver or Finance user!

  • If you get a message in the ESS system telling you to change your password, the system is reminding you to change your SAP GUI, (Time Approval and Finance system) password.  You can reset the SAP GUI password right inside of ESS on the Change Password screen.  OR, you can log out of the ESS system and log in to the SAP GUI (the system that you do time approval or finance work in) and SAP will prompt you to change your SAP GUI password. 

  • Time Approvers (and Finance Users), the SAP GUI password needs to be changed every 90 days for security reasons.  Once you update your SAP password, you can log into the eHelpdesk, (as instructed above) and update your ESS password to match your SAP GUI password if you want to.