Welcome to the SYnovia Training Page!

Welcome to Synovia Bus Tracker, the district’s new GPS-based vehicle tracking system. Synovia takes the transportation services that students rely on to get to school and makes them visible, online and on-demand. Whether you want to keep tabs on a late bus or monitor when each bus arrives at school throughout the day, Synovia is a resource that can provide any bus-location information you need, immediately.


Coordinators are responsible for monitoring the performance of buses servicing their school. Synovia Bus Tracker allows coordinators to track buses in real-time using School Monitor to better serve families and the whole school community.

Using Synovia Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) drivers can clock in and out, choose an assignment to perform, navigate to the next assignment, send and receive messages from a dispatch center, display and record information about passengers, and mark items as pass or fail in a pre-trip or post-trip inspection.


Additional Resources

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