The staff intranet is a secure online environment that only MPS staff can access. The main purpose of the staff intranet is to provide staff with internal communication.

NOTE: The staff intranet is not to be confused with the MPS public website (Urban Planet). To access Urban Planet training resources, check out the Urban Planet Support Site.

New Look for Staff Intranet Coming

A refreshing new look and feel is coming to the Staff Intranet (SharePoint Online). New sites will be available in a phased rollout as site editors finish moving content to the new system. The phased rollout will give you a chance to use and learn the new system before the official launch in October 2019.

Learn more about the new features that will come with the new Staff Intranet:


Approval Workflow

The approval workflow in the new Staff Intranet is similar to the process in the old Staff Intranet. Approvers will receive email notifications for all submitted forms (including access requests, time-off requests, etc.) and can act on the request from the email.