The purpose of the scheduling guides is to emphasize the importance of accurate scheduling and provide clarity around the steps that must be completed when scheduling.

For more Discovery-Scheduling Resources, check out the Discovery Resources page.

Accurate scheduling will ensure the following:


  • Have accurate schedules
  • Have access to the student portal and online classroom resources (e.g. Benchmark, Read 180, Dreambox, etc.)


  • Are able to locate students during the school day
  • Are in compliance with state regulations
  • Have complete transcripts
  • Are able to access Classroom For Success (CFS) for interventions


  • Have accurate schedules
  • Have up-to-date rosters
  • Can take attendance
  • Can access Gradebook
  • Are able to access student’s contact information
  • Are able to access Classroom for Success (CFS) for interventions
  • Have access t o online classroom resources (e.g. Benchmark, MyMPS, Read 180, Dreambox, etc.)


  • Can monitor their student’s progress through the student portal
  • Are able to contact their student’s teacher(s) through the parent portal