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Once you’ve made sure the ActivConnect device is connected to your ActivPanel, you’ll want to follow these set-up steps:


Step 1: Set Up a User Profile

Each user profile that is created on an ActivPanel will have its own homescreen and the user can log into their MPS Google account and access their apps, files, etc. User profiles are NOT transferable which means user profiles that are created on an ActivPanel are unique to that panel.


Step 2: Sign into the Google Play Store & Download Apps


Step 3: Learn About the Pink Menu Button

The Pink Menu Button floats on top of any screen and contains seven options.

For more information, check out the Pink Menu Button page.

If the Pink Menu Button on your panel doesn’t look like the one in the video, or you do not have these same options, you may need an update. Submit an eTicket to have your panel updated.