In order to make sure our Athletics, ALC or Youth Programs are represented accurately, it is important that we keep our data in the Online Youth Programs (OYP) Portal clean and current for potential funding and data gathering. 

If you have any questions about the Online Youth Programs Portal, please contact Marija Nicholson, the Youth & Adult Program Coordinator, at or (612) 668-4218.

Getting Started with OYP Video

Part 1


0:29 - Access OYP
1:26 - Manage Staff
2:50 - Set Up Classes
5:19 - Set Up Community Partnership Classes
6:17 - Enroll Students with "Mass Registration"
9:14 - Enroll a Non-MPS Student

Attendance Video

Part 2


0:11 - Print Class Attendance Sheets
1:27 - Taking Daily Attendance Online
2:27 - Attend Today

Supplemental Resources