Illuminate is the district's data and assessment platform. The platform contains the district interim and benchmark assessments (created by the Teaching and Learning Department) and allows for instant scoring and reporting of students’ selected responses. 

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Frequently Asked questions (illuminate sunsetting)


When do I lose access to Illuminate?

Our contract with Illuminate ends on June 30th, 2018. After this date, MPS will no longer be able to complete assessments or analyze data within Illuminate.


Should I continue to administer assessments through Illuminate?

Yes, Illuminate is our assessment tool through the end of school year 2017-2018. All assessment data entered in Illuminate will be exported and used for analysis and curricular planning in the future.

Where will assessment data be housed next year?

This location has yet to be determined. When a solution is found, this will be communicated to the district.

Is there an alternative assessment system I can use?

A solution for future assessments has yet to be determined. When a solution is found, this will be communicated to the district.


Should teachers put Spring KCoM data into Illuminate? 

Yes, all data in Illuminate will be exported upon completion of our contract.

We want to capture data from the benchmark/interim and physical science pre-assessments.  How will the data be organized when the data is downloaded out of Illuminate? Will the data be sorted by content area and assessment name?

The contract with Illuminate has a provision that all data will be provided to the district upon the termination of the contract. The specific formatting and access is yet to be determined.


Experiencing Technical Issues? Check out the Illuminate Support Site. If you need additional help, contact the Illuminate support team at 949-242-0343.