You can copy and transfer files from your MPS Google Account to a personal (non-MPS) Google Account.  Each time you copy files from your school account, a new set of copies is created in your Google Account.

Graduating students have until the end of September to access their MPS Google account and complete this copy and transfer process.

Video Tutorial:

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What files get copied and transferred?

You can copy and transfer the following files from your school account to a personal Google Account:

  • Email in Gmail (not including contacts, chats, or tasks)
  • Files that you own in Google Drive (not including files in the "Google Photos" section of Drive)
  • Files in your My Drive
    • You must be either an owner or editor
    • If a document owner has restricted sharing by disabling downloads and copies for commenters and viewers, the transfer process respects those settings

+ What files don’t get copied and transferred to my personal Google account?

A file in My Drive won't be copied if either of the following are true:

  • You're a viewer, not an editor or owner
  • An owner has turned off the option to download, print, and copy options for commenters and viewers

When the copy process is done, you'll be notified by email about any files in My Drive that weren't copied.

+ If I copy and transfer my files, do they get deleted from my MPS Google account?

No, documents are NOT deleted during the process; copies are created in the personal Google account while the original documents remain unchanged.