Welcome to the start of another exciting school year at Minneapolis Public Schools!

Please review the resources below to make sure that all of your technology and systems are ready to go for you, your staff, and your students on the first day of school.


Computer Login

Make sure you and your staff can log into your computers. If staff have password issues, please have them call the IT Service desk at (612) 668-0088.   


Discovery is the Student Information System (SIS) for MPS. This system allows staff to manage student demographics, enrollment, attendance, grades, schedules, behavior, transcripts, health records, and much more. Discovery feeds data into many systems, so it is crucial to these systems that your school's data in the SIS is accurate and complete.


Update your School website

Update your school website through Urban Planet. To gain editing rights, check out the Web Accessibility Essentials Training, and then learn more about the nuts and bolts of editing an Urban Planet page below.


Phone / Voicemail

Make sure to set up your voicemail message. If you need to have your voicemail password reset or need a new mailbox set up, submit an eTicket.


Access to Systems

There are many other systems you and other staff may need to access.  You can find all of the different request forms and procedures below.

laptop on desk

Update email ListServes

Update your staff email listserves. If you can't remember your password or need access, email Communications at answers@mpls.k12.mn.us 

A person's hand on a computer mouse


If you’re having trouble with the district-issued technology you use, put in an eticket in the eHelpDesk system or call the IT Service Desk at (612) 668-0088.