Pink Power Button

The Pink Menu Button floats on top of any screen and opens into the same seven options when you tap it.

If the button on your panel doesn’t look like this, or you do not have these same options, you may need an update. Submit an eTicket to have your panel updated.

Pink Power Button Options
Instant Whiteboard

Instant Whiteboard

Takes you to the interactive whiteboard


Tap to access the menu. Menu options include:

  • Open a new or existing whiteboard file

  • Save the current whiteboard file

  • Export the whiteboard file as a PDF to the device or to an app downloaded on your panel (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Classroom)

  • Change the position of the toolbar to the right side of the screen

  • Close the whiteboard app


Tap to quickly save the current whiteboard file to your ActivConnect device

Multi User Mode

Multi-User Mode
Tap here to divide your infinite canvas into two screens so you can have two students interacting simultaneously at the panel. When in this mode each student will have their own toolbar, which includes a pen, highlighter, color palette, erasers, and math tools.
To exit this mode, tap this button again (top left).


Tap to customize the background of the canvas. There are many color and graph options to choose from.

  • Resizing a Background Template: To resize the background templates, tap the Select Tool and pinch the screen with two fingers.

  • Return to Default Background: To return to the default canvas background, select the blank canvas and choose the white background.

Insert Image

Insert Image
Tap to insert images. Another screen will appear and you will get the following options:

  • Charts & Templates: Includes a variety of preloaded images (including graphic organizers, graphs, charts, and tables)

  • Gallery: Choose this option to insert images from your device’s gallery. This includes images downloaded to your ActivConnect device from other apps and images on a plugged in flashdrive (images must be saved as PNGs or JPGs)

Select Tool

Select Tool
Tap to move, rotate, and/or resize the canvas and images on the canvas.

  • Resize the Canvas: To resize the canvas, pinch the screen with two fingers.

Pen Highlighter Colors

Writing Tools - Pen & Highlighter
Tap the pen or highlighter to write on your canvas.

  • Change Thickness: To change the thickness of the writing tool, tap the pen or highlighter button again.  

  • Change Ink Color: To change the ink color, tap a color in the toolbar or palette (contains more colors options).


Tap to erase areas on the canvas. To change the width of the eraser, tap the button again.

Clear All Annotations

Clear All Annotations
Tap to remove all annotations from your canvas. To change the width of the eraser, tap the button again.

Math Tools

Math Tools
Tap to access the ruler, set square, half protractor, and full protractor. Tap any tool to add it to your canvas.

  • Moving/Resizing a Math Tool: Once the math tool has been added to your canvas, use the Select Tool to drag the tool to another location on the canvas. Pinch and zoom with two fingers to resize and rotate the tool.

  • Closing a Math Tool: Tap the X on the tool to close it.

  • Drawing Straight Lines: Use the Pen Tool to draw a straight line along the edge of the tool.

Undo Redo

Tap to undo or redo the most recent action

Annotate Button


This app is perfect for adding annotations over anything that is displayed on your panel’s screen. It is a floating toolbar that you can be dragged anywhere on your screen.

  1. Writing Tools - Pen & Highlighter
    Use the pen or highlighter to write on top of the displayed screen. There are five different ink colors to choose from. To change the thickness of the writing tool, tap the pen or highlighter again.

  2. Erase/Clear All Annotations
    Tap one of these to either clear all annotations or a selected area of the screen  

  3. Exit Annotation Mode
    Tap to exit the annotation mode in order to interact with the apps on your screen. To return to annotation mode, tap this button again.

  4. Undo/Redo
    Tap to undo or redo the most recent action

  5. Exit Annotation App
    Tap to exit the annotation app and subsequently, all annotations will be erased from the screen.

Annotation Options

For more information about the Annotation App, check out the following resources: Promethean Annotate and Best Practices – Annotate.

Timer Button


This app is perfect for managing activities, assessments, and more within your classroom. There are three modes: Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch.

  1. Access Clock, Timer, & Stopwatch Modes
    Tap the gear icon to access all of the modes: clock, timer, and stopwatch. Tap whichever title is currently displaying to toggle between the three modes.

  2. Fullscreen & Floating Options
    Each mode has two viewing options: fullscreen and floating. Tap the Expand/Collapse arrows to toggle between these two options.

  3. Add Additional Timers
    Tap the plus sign to display another clock, timer, or stopwatch. You can display up to four timers at the same time, whether you’re displaying them in fullscreen or floating mode.

  4. Close Timer
    Tap to close each clock/timer/stopwatch

Timer Options

For more information about the Timer app, check out the following resources: Promethean Timer and Best Practices – Timer.

Spinner Button


This app is perfect for quickly and easily randomizing elements for your class. To move the spinner, tap the outer edge of the spinner and drag the spinner.

1. Fullscreen & Floating Options: Tap the expand/collapse arrows to toggle between fullscreen and floating modes


2. Access Lists: Tap the list title directly below the Spinner to access available lists. There are six default lists but you have the ability to create your own customized lists.

3. Options: Tap to access options, which includes “Select item once” and “Sound”

4. Exit Spinner App: Tap to exit the spinner app

5. Using the Spinner: Drag any segment of the spinner in a clockwise direction to use the spinner


6. Add List Title: Tap to generate a new list. Give you list a title and input items

7. Add Item: Tap to input additional items. A list can contain up to 44 items.

8. Save: Tap to save your list

9. Add Item Title: Tap an item to change it  

10. Delete Item: Tap to delete an item

11. Move Item: Drag the equal sign up/down to rearrange items within the list

For more information about the Spinner App, check out the following resources: Promethean Spinner and Best Practices – Spinner.