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ActivConnect Devices (ACG and OPS-G)

There are tons of things you can do with your ActivPanel via the ActivConnect device, without even connecting your computer. There are two models of the device - ActivConnect-G (or ACG) and OPS-G. Physically these devices look different but they operate almost exactly the same.

The ActivConnect device can be found on the back of your panel but may be hiding! When the antenna of the OPS are folded down it blends right in with the panel. The silver ACG is sometimes in a black bracket which can be mounted on the back of the panel or tucked inside the stand. 



ActivCast is an App for the Promethean Board that mirrors your tablet device or smart phone to your board. This enables teachers to be more mobile in the classroom.

Mirroring Wirelessly with ActivCast

Don't have an ACG or OPS unit?

Submit an eTicket to request one. In the meantime, your panel is still an interactive touch screen monitor that can display your computer or a document camera.

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