In order to make sure our programs are represented accurately, it is important that we keep our data clean and current for potential funding and data gathering. The following guidelines have been created by OST and REAA. 

General Guidelines

  • Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on a PC; use Safari or Google Chrome on a Mac
  • Login using MPS username (e.g. "brkee001") and password.
  • Check settings to ensure you are working with the right school, quarter, and class type; click on Apply.
  • Data for Out-of-School time (OST) can be pulled from Online Youth Programs (OYP) at any time during the year.
  • All attendance must be entered into OYP within a week of the class meeting
  • Attendance for all Community Partners needs to be entered per class
  • Make sure that the start dates and end dates for all classes are correct
  • Students need to be enrolled in an actual class, not a “general class”


  • All classes should have one of the following Programs identified
    • ALC
    • Youth Programs
    • Other
  • Only Athletics should be marked "Other." If student athletes have supplemental programming that is blended with Athletics, ALC or Youth Programs should also be marked.
  • If a class uses additional funding sources, identify them (e.g. YMAP, Community Partner) 

Class Names

  • Classes that are funded by certain budgets need to be identified in class name
    • If you use Service Dollars to fund a class, you must include Service in its name
    • All GEMS/GISE classes must have either “GEMS” or “GISE” in the name
  • ALC cannot fund anything named "Homework Help" or anything with “Club” in the name. If a class is funded through ALC, do not have the words “Homework Help” or “Club” in the name. 


Community Partners

All community partners meet with REAA twice a year to review their data. In order to ensure that this data is correct, please do the following when setting up classes offered in collaboration with a community partner:  

  • Include the name of the Community Partner organization at the beginning of the Class Name:
    • "Five Elements Martial Arts: Karate" 
      "Sanneh Foundation: Soccer"
      "YWCA Girls Inc."
    • Please use the correct, full name of Community Partners. Common misnamed partners include:  
      • "Fred Wells Tennis"
      • "Inner City Tennis"
      • "Five Elements Martial Arts"
      • "Girl Scouts of MN"
      • "Northern Star Council Boy Scouts"
      • "Urban Debate League"
      • "US Karate"
      • "Art Buddies"
  • Classes that are run in partnership with a Community Partner should have two programs identified:
    • "Youth Programs and Community Partner" or "ALC and Community Partner"
    • To select two programs, hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key while highlighting them
  • Attendance needs to be taken each week by individual community partner