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ARCHIVE: Quality Questioning and the Socratic Seminar (TDAA Certificate Program)

  • Davis Center - TBD 1250 West Broadway Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55411 United States (map)


Though he died more than 2,400 years ago, the Greek philosopher Socrates provided a timeless lesson for educators: Ask good questions. In this day of learning, educators will explore what it means to ask good questions, and the methods, tools, and structures that can be employed to promote a question-centered approach to teaching and learning. Structures for designing questions can guide educators to instantly up the rigor of any lesson, but can also be taught to students who benefit from asking high-level, powerful questions themselves. The Socratic Seminar model will be practiced and examined as a tool for guiding deep textual analysis and discourse in any subject.

To earn the MPS Certificate in Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education, this course is one of the elective 12 hours of training in addition to Introduction to Talent Development in MPS, Foundations in Advanced Learner Education , Tiering Lessons for Advanced Learners and the portfolio.

Participants will:

  • Lead Socratic Seminar in my classroom
  • Design opening and sustaining questions for Socratic Seminar

Target audience

K-12 Teachers


Davis Center - TBD

Registration Information

Register for the training on eCompass. Search course #90627 and section #112902.


Kelly McQuillan, Christina Ramsey