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ARCHIVE: Introduction & Foundations in Advanced Learner Education

  • Davis Center - Assembly Room 1250 West Broadway Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55411 United States (map)


What is talent development and how does it differ from the traditional paradigm of gifted and talented education? This course will engage educators in a new perspective on the nature of talent and how it can be developed in all learners. We will outline the MPS Levels of Service model for talent development and how it aligns to MTSS. Research-based characteristics of advanced learners and the rationale for identifying them in Minneapolis Public Schools will also be explored.

Advanced learners need challenging learning experiences in their grade-level classes. But what does it actually mean to differentiate for such students? This process starts with three words: process, product, and content. Educators will learn the basics of designing challenging, differentiated learning experiences that are strongly grounded in the grade-level standards. Discover the prompts for depth and complexity, define critical thinking skills, and design differentiation using your everyday lessons to keep advanced learners challenged in your classroom.

Participants will:

  • Explain the nature of talent and how it is developed.
  • Differentiate between the MPS Levels of Service at alignment with MTSS. * Assess students' interest and plan Level I and II learning opportunities for them.
  • Recognize the unique cognitive and affective learning needs of diverse advanced learners.
  • Explain why and how MPS identifies diverse advanced learners.
  • Relate the unique learning needs of advanced learners to Level III and IV services.
  • Determine the relevance of process, content, and product differentiation for advanced learners.
  • Differentiate content using the prompts of depth and complexity.
  • Determine the importance of developing complex thinking skills.
  • Help students develop scholarly traits.

Target audience

Grade K classroom teachers


Davis Center - Assembly Room

Registration Information

Register for the training on eCompass. Search course #92516 and section #112789.


Kelly McQuillan, Christina Ramsey