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ARCHIVE: Using Advanced Differentiation Resources (TDAA Certificate Program)

  • Online Minneapolis, MN United States (map)


Standards-based resources for advanced learners are here! Deployed in the grade level curriculum, resources are tightly aligned to the learning targets (standards) all learners must master; they flow out of core instruction and have been purposely created for use in the mixed-ability classroom. This course will guide you through the nature and structure of resources for advanced differentiation in science, social studies, literacy, and math. Instructional and management strategies to support differentiation are a major focus of our learning throughout the course. You will leave with everything you need to challenge your advanced learners in and through the core curriculum.

To earn the MPS Certificate in Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education, this course is one of the elective 12 hours of training in addition to Introduction to Talent Development in MPS, Foundations in Advanced Learner Education , Tiering Lessons for Advanced Learners and the portfolio.

Participants will:

  • Plan for upcoming focused instruction units in order to incorporate the advanced differentiation resources from curriculum guides
  • Recognize and describe students who would most benefit from exposure to advanced differentiation in math, science/social studies and literacy.

Target audience

K-6 teachers



Registration Information

Register for the training on eCompass. Search course #91100 and section #112899.


Kelly McQuillan, Christina Ramsey