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ARCHIVE: Nurturing Creativity through Core Instruction (TDAA Certificate Program)

  • Davis Center - TBD 1250 West Broadway Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55411 United States (map)


What is the value of nurturing creative innovators in our classrooms and schools? In today's world of high-stakes testing and standards-based instructions, educators sometimes express the feeling that creativity has been pushed out of the classroom by competing priorities. Yet, few teachers would argue that individual creativity is not highly valuable in our world. How do we then get the time to teach and encourage creative thinking and innovation? This course will give teachers tools to infuse standards-based curriculum with creative problem-solving and innovative thinking skills. Educators will learn how to use a range of tools, such as Synectics, De Bonos Thinking hats, post-hole problems, provocation, morphological synthesis, and much more.

To earn the MPS Certificate in Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education, this course is one of the elective 12 hours of training in addition to Introduction to Talent Development in MPS, Foundations in Advanced Learner Education , Tiering Lessons for Advanced Learners, and the portfolio.

Participants will:

  • Use tools and strategies to increase the creative problem solving skills of students
  • Recognize the characteristics of creative thinking in students

Target audience

K-12 teachers


Davis Center - TBD

Registration Information

Register for the training on eCompass. Search course #90625 and section #112900.


Kelly McQuillan, Christina Ramsey