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ARCHIVE: Finance Training


Are you new to having a pcard? Or are you just not comfortable in the system? We'll cover the basics regarding what types of expenses are allowable on the pcard, how to change the finance coding on an expense, what supporting documentation is required, how to attach your supporting documentation in the system, and how to properly approve expenses.

Training on various Finance responsibilities for clerks including accounts payable, student checkbooks, dunbar deposits, material requests, and travel expenses.

Participants will:

  • Know what type of expenses are allowable on the p-card
  • Know what supporting documentation is required for expenses
  • Know how to change the funding on an expense
  • Know how to upload my supporting documentation
  • Know how to properly approve expenses

Target audience

P-card holders and managers who approve p-card expenses



Registration Information

Register for the training on eCompass. Search course #91529 and section #113216.


Kate McKay, Nevonia Rainwater