For school year 2018-2019, Minneapolis Public Schools will support Google Classroom as the Learning Management System (LMS). 

We will lose access to our content in MyMPS after October 31st, 2018. Please take steps to back-up or transfer your content before October 31st.  To learn more about Google Classroom, visit the Google Classroom Resource Page.

Below is a video on how to get content out of MyMPS:

Topics Covered:

1:24 – Get Content Out - Overview
4:23 – Download Content From MyMPS
6:36 – Extract Page Content From MyMPS
8:27 – Get Assignment Content Out Of MyMPS
9:34 – Extract Assessments From MyMPS
12:11 – Extract Other Content From MyMPS
12:51 – Export Your MyMPS Gradebook

User Guide – Get Quiz Content Out of MyMPS

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I lose access to MyMPS?

Our contract with itslearning ends on October 31st, 2018. We will lose access to our content in MyMPS after this date.

Will I lose all of my content in MyMPS?

Yes, if you do not take steps to back-up or transfer your content, you will no longer have access to it after October 31st, 2018.

Besides the courses I have built, what else is in MyMPS and where can I find that in the future?

MyMPS, the Learning Management System (LMS) is the blended learning environment for teachers and students. People have found additional benefits for this tool and have housed a variety of tools in this environment. These stakeholders have been informaed of the change and have been advised to move their content as follows;

  • Student/Teacher Courses to Google Classroom

  • Focused Instruction to the Staff Intranet web site, SharePoint

  • Online Learning to Odysseyware

  • Communication Pages to the Staff Intranet web site, SharePoint

  • Professional Development Resources to The Source -

Does this mean we will be losing the Focused Instruction Curriculum Guides?

No, the Teaching & Learning department moved the Focused Instruction Curriculum Guides from MyMPS to the Staff Intranet (SharePoint) to ensure continued access. You can now find the Curriculum Guides here:

Will I still be able to access my McGraw-Hill and other digital texts?

Yes, Teaching & Learning is currently working through the process of moving these materials from MyMPS to other online spaces to ensure continued access. These materials will continue to be available on MyMPS through the end of the current school year and will be available for school year 2018-2019. Please talk with your content area specialists for more information regarding classroom materials.

Is there a alternative Learning Management System I can use?

Yes, MPS will transition to support of Google Classroom which is included in G Suite for Education at no additional cost. You can find support for this transition, here;

Online Learning will be adopting Odysseyware as the preferred platform for delivery of online coursework.

Do I need to take additional steps to get a Google Classroom account?

No, Google Classroom is included in G Suite for Education, just like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Forms. You can find Google Classroom listed with all your other Google Apps, or you can visit it directly at