What are alt tags/text?

Alt tags are a type of alt text, and are often used to describe the contents of images. Alt tags are added to the HTML code, and let users with visual impairment understand the information conveyed by the image. When adding an image to the MPS website, you can add an alt tag by putting descriptive text in the "Title" field.

Alt text can be read by assistive technologies, which helps make sure more of your audience can access your content. Alt text has a secondary purpose, too: it can help you, the author, make sure that the image you’ve selected communicates your intended purpose, which can help improve the overall quality of your content.

Alt text should answer this question:

What is the content conveyed by the image?

The content of the image is not simply a description of the surface features of the image or graphic. Instead, describe what additional content the graphic contains. What information do you want the reader to gain from looking at the image? What is the main idea being expressed by the graphic? Write in simple, precise language, and keep the explanation brief. Typically no more than a few words are necessary, though rarely a short sentence or two may be appropriate.

If the context is general - for example, an image of students studying, then alt text like "Students studying" would be sufficient. If the context is a "MCA Test Prep" page, then better alt text might be "Students prep for Minnesota Common Assessment test in our computer lab." Or if the page is full of pictures of students engaged in different learning activities, the alt text might be "Student seated at a desk reading science book."

You don’t need to write full alt text if the information about the graphic is located elsewhere in the document, for example if the description of the image is already part of the body text or image caption. Longer descriptions (more than about 125 characters) should be included in the body text of your document, rather than as alt text.

Source: University of Minnesota - http://accessibility.umn.edu/core-skills/alt-text

Setting Image (ALT) Details in Urban Planet

When working in Urban Planet, you are able to add descriptive ALT text to your images when uploading your files.

Once you have selected the image you are adding to your Urban Planet web page, you will be prompted to add additional "Title" and "Caption" text. be sure to complete both fields with further descriptive information which will be used by screen readers.

Urban Planet example of alt tag - part 1
Urban Planet example of alt tag - part 2