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Learn how to connect your Mac laptop to an ActivPanel iSeries. The ActivPanel iSeries can be identified by the power button in the bottom center of the display and the ports/buttons that are hidden behind the flip down door. 


Video tutorial:



To make the connection with HDMI, you will need:

HMDI cable

HDMI Cable
(Video + Sound)

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adaptor

USB cable

USB Cable


To make the connection with VGA, you will need:

VGA Cable

VGA Cable
(Video Only)

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor

USB Cable

USB Cable

Please submit an eTicket for any problems related to cables and adaptors. 

For more information on using the ActivPanel, including how to navigate on-screen menus and how to clean the panel, check out the ActivPanel user manual.

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